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Union for Traditional Judaism
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About Us

What is the UTJ?

The UTJ is a trans-denominational education and outreach organization dedicated to promoting the principles of traditional Judaism. We support and encourage traditional Jewish practice among individuals, congregations, institutions, scholars and religious leaders across the spectrum of the Jewish community. Our programs and resources are used by a wide range of synagogues, schools, and other Jewish institutions. Our goal is to bring the greatest possible number of Jews closer to an open-minded, observant Jewish life.

Executive Staff

  • Executive Director: Rabbi Gerald Sussman
  • Executive Vice President Emeritus: Rabbi Ronald Price
  • Special Projects Coordinator: Judy Landau
  • UTJ Mail List Moderator: Alexander Herrera

UTJ Board of Directors

  • President: Rabbi David Novak
  • Honorary Board Chairman: Rabbi Prof. David Halivni
  • Vice Presidents: Rabbi Wayne Allen, Rabbi Noah Gradofsky, Rabbi Kenneth Greene, Mr. Sanford Hausler, Esq., Rabbi Jeffrey Miller
  • Treasurer: Mr. Mitch Morrison
  • Financial Secretary: Mr. Marvin Staiman
  • Corresponding Secretary: Mr. Alexander Herrera
  • Recording Secretary: Rabbi Leonard Levy

Past Presidents

  • Rabbi Edward Gershfield
  • Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg
  • Mr. Burton G. Greenblatt, z”l
  • Dr. Miriam Klein Shapiro, z”l
  • Mr. Horace Bier, z”l


  • Chairman: Rabbi Robert Pilavin
  • Director: Rabbi Jeffrey Rappoport

Board Members

  • Rabbi Gershon Bacon
  • Rabbi Martin Berman
  • Mr. Irwin Beutel
  • Mr. Bryan Bier
  • Rabbi Richard Fagan
  • Prof. Sylvia Barack Fishman
  • Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg
  • Rabbi Seth Gordon
  • Mrs. Anne Greenblatt
  • Ms. Karen Greene
  • Rabbi Ira Grussgott
  • Ms. Andrea Herrera
  • Dr. Michael Kaplowitz
  • Chaplain Leslie Kirzner
  • Rabbi Pinchas Klein
  • Rabbi Mark H. Kunis
  • Dr. Jeff Melnick
  • Dr. Mira Morgenstern
  • Mr. Daniel Needle
  • Ms. Marianne Novak
  • Rabbi J. Leonard Romm
  • Mr. Akiva Roth
  • Mr. Allyn Rothman
  • Mr. Dovid Rubin
  • Rabbi Steven Saks
  • Dr. Meir Shinnar
  • Rabbi Wilfred Shuchat
  • Rabbi Michael Strasberg
  • Ms. Rachel Weinberger
  • Rabbi David Willig
  • Rabbi Ephraim Zimand
  • Rabbi Leonard Zucker