Joining the Rabbinate

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In a moving event on Wednesday night September 9, 2009, the Institute of Traditional Judaism, the Metivta granted semikhah (rabbinic ordination) to five more men. It has now ordained 15 men who serve throughout the Jewish world. They hold positions ranging from pulpits to heads of major national organizations in North America to educational program developers in Israel. All of them are now the representatives for the Metivta's ideal of emunah tzerufah v'yosher da'at, Genuine Faith and Intellectual Integrity.

The private by-invitation event was held in the Teaneck headquarters of the UTJ/ITJ with over 100 participants. In touching heartfelt divrei Torah designed to highlight the intensive learning program the graduates have completed over the past 4 to 6 years, speakers including world renowned Talmud scholar HaRav David Halivni, shelita, Reish Metivta and founder of the school charged the graduates with their mission. Rabbi Ronald D. Price, Dean of the Metivta talked of their goal to bring their communities closer to God while keeping enough energy to do the same for themselves and Rabbi Edward Gershfield, President of the UTJ, the parent organization, described the difficulty of the task ahead as rabbis, along with the reward.

Rabbi Chaim G. Solomon, who received semikhah at the ceremony and will be serving a kehillah he founded in Mt. Dora, Florida responded on behalf of the graduates.

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