Torah Anywhere (where broadband Internet connection available)

It has long been the dream of our founders to be able to use technology to spread our Torah in a serious way and make our scholarship accessible to the broadest possible population. After investing many hours of thought and experimentation, we now have a system that will allow many students at once to participate from remote locations in face-to-face real-time shiurim.

On November 17, 2009, the Metivta (ITJ) successfully implemented the first of its on-line shiurim. The course, entitled “Judaism from Within”, was introduced by our Dean, Rabbi Ronald D. Price, who taught from our Teaneck headquarters with one student learning at a U.S. Army base in the mid-West. The text studied was the Rambam’s introduction to the Mishneh Torah. The coming shiurim for the remainder of the semester will be taught by Rabbi Dr. Alan Yuter from his office in Baltimore, and students from across the continent will participate.

Unlike broadcast webinars, the UTJ/ITJ system allows the teacher and students to see each other and speak with each other much as they would do if they were in the same room. Now regular full-credit courses that once required attendance in Teaneck, will be open to students anywhere.

Below are the two courses now available for immediate registration and participation, along with a number of other courses to be offered later in the year.  Please contact our office directly if you or someone you know would like to begin learning with us.

Now in session and available for registration immediately:


6:00-7:30PM EST

Judaism from Within

Semester I – Shabbat

Semester II - Laws of Aveilut (Mourning)

After introducing the Jewish legal system through study of Sabbath laws, we will show how this system operates in dealing with end-of-life issues, exploring and evaluating the range of opinion and distinguishing between law, usage and folklore.

7:30-9:00PM EST

Neviim Rishonim (Early Prophets)

Semester I - Joshua

Semester II - Judges

We will study these two works as religious literature, referencing the material culture and archaeological finds as relevant, exploring the perspective of classical Jewish and modern literary methodologies.

To be offered shortly:


10:00-11:00AM EST

Topics in Jewish Law – Current Jewish issues will be presented from the perspectives of Jewish religious thought, contemporary Jewish politics and Talmudic legal theory. Participants will learn how to evaluate a Jewish legal opinion.


7:15-9:00PM EST

Introduction to Judaism – Intended for candidates for Orthodox Jewish conversion but open to all seekers, we will survey the ideas, time-related observances and life-cycle events in Judaism.


7:15-9:00PM EST

Judaism from Without – Semester I – Ancient Near East – the course will survey the growth of culture, the emergence of Israel and the movement of ideas from the dawn of writing to the Greeks.

Semester II – the Book of Acts:  How, when, and why the Church and Judaism split in the first century.