Rabbi Wayne Allen: The Term ‘Halakhah’ and Its Implications for Jewish Life

Lecture in Memory of Rabbi Professor Saul Lieberman, z”l

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Rabbi Wayne Allen, author of the 2009 book, “Perspectives on Jewish Law and Contemporary Issues” explores Professor Lieberman’s analysis of the origin of the term Halakhah in a talk entitled "The Term ‘Halakhah’ and Its Implications for Jewish Life"

Each year the UTJ, the ITJ (the Metivta), and Morashah, the Rabbinic Fellowship of the UTJ, join together to remember HaGaon Rabbeinu Shaul zt”l, Rabbi Professor Saul Lieberman, of blessed memory. Rabbi Lieberman was a teacher to many of the founders of the UTJ/ITJ and his scholarship is relied upon by academicians and Torah scholars alike, across all denominational bounds, in understanding Torah shebe’al peh, the Oral Torah.