In memory of the GRa”Sh (haGaon Rabbeinu Shaul)

Memorial Lecture for Prof. Saul Lieberman 5769

On Monday evening June 8, 2009, before a standing room only crowd at the JCC in Manhattan, Rabbi Dr. Alan Yuter, Talmud and Rabbinics senior faculty member of the Institute of Traditional Judaism, delivered a riveting talk on “The Personal Religion of Prof. Saul Lieberman: A Model for an Authentic Modern Orthodoxy.

              Men and women, young and old, from a broad cross-section of the Jewish community including liberal to hareidi, listened as Rabbi Yuter, through a combination of Prof. Lieberman’s scholarly texts and collegial anecdotes, reconstructed the religious life of the man who was seen as the greatest Talmudic scholar of his generation. Through quotations from the GRa”Sh’s commentary on the Rambam’s Hilkhot HaYerushalmi, to Yerushalmi Kifeshuto and Tosefta Kifeshuta, as well as student’s recollections of his classroom teaching, Rabbi Yuter showed the depth of the GRa”Sh’s faith.  His acts of quiet tzedakah and his need to have no distractions from his tefillah were heretofore unrecounted and touched both those who knew him and those who only knew of him.  One came away from the event with a sense of the depth of a man whom most of us know best only by the names of his books.

              The Rabbi Prof. Saul Lieberman Memorial Lecture is co-sponsored annually by the UTJ, the ITJ (the Metivta) and Morashah, the Rabbinic Fellowship of the UTJ, with support from individual sponsors.  If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact the office at 201-801-0707 ext. 201.