The NEW Digital Metivta – Registration Opens

The Institute of Traditional Judaism, the Metivta opens its virtual doors this September. For several years, students in our Semikhah (rabbinical ordination), Mekhinah (preparatory), and MPA (Master of Public Administration) programs have benefited from our investment in hardware that allows distance students to learn in class real-time from anywhere in the world. Until now, the number of students who could participate was limited by broadband and software borders, which for us meant no more than 2-3 distance students at a time.

Today that frontier has widened and with an additional major investment, the Metivta will offer classes this fall in which up to 20 distance students at a time may participate. But even more exciting is the fact that our faculty will also become international. Shiurim will originate in the Holy City of Yerushalayim,Teaneck, NJ, and Toronto, Canada. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our course calendar and will post it on-line as soon as it is available. Regular courses will require tuition, although periodic free shiurim will be available.

Whether you live in Maine, Texas or California, Tiveria, Australia or the FSU, you can register to learn Talmud, Tanakh, Philosophy and more with our world renowned faculty. If you are excited by names like Rav David Halivni, our Reish Metivta and author of the Mekorot u’Mesorot Talmud commentary; Rabbi Prof. David Novak, world renowned author social thinker and Jewish philosopher; and Hakham Dr. Isaac Sassoon, author of the Bible commentary v’Ha’arev Na, you will want to sign up soon.

Please contact our office for further details or watch this space! Please use Contact Us page or call 201-801-0707, ext. 201.