The UTJ's Op-Ed Initiative

The UTJ's Op-Ed Initiative is now underway with a goal of getting UTJ thinking into the public square on a monthly basis. Please click on the links below for news coverage that has appeared over the last three months. In order to keep our issues in front of the public, we encourage you to respond to our pieces by posting your comments on websites and writing letters to editors. If you intend to mention your affiliation with us, we ask that you send us a draft of your comments before sending them to a publication, so that our Op-Ed Panel may assist you with editorial guidance. Please use the "Contact Us" form to send your drafts. I will then share them with the other members of the panel -- Rabbi David Novak, Rabbi Ronald Price, and Mitch Morrison -- and get right back to you. We thank you for your interest, encouragement, and support; and look forward to your feedback.


Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg, Chair, Op-Ed Initiative


Rabbi Ronald D. Price, "Empathizing With Rabbi Michael Broyde," The Jewish Week, 5/7/13


Rabbi Ronald D. Price, "Teaneck Letters," North Jersey News, 6/20/13


Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg, "Halachic Template For Women's Ordination Isn't New," The Jewish Week, 7/16/13