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Modern Judaism

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are that of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the Union for Traditional Judaism, unless otherwise indicated.

Recommended by UTJ

Between Text and Culture: A Definition Of Mesorah

Categories: Denominations, Halakhah, Modern Judaism, Philosophy, Women's Forum
ARTICLE (Reprinted from Kosher Nexus)

Knowing The Kosher Code Words

by Rabbi Jeffrey Rappoport

Categories: Kashruth, Modern Judaism

May a Non-Jew be Buried in a Jewish Cemetery?

by Recommended by UTJ

Categories: Halakhah, Life Cycle, Relationships, Tomeikh KaHalakhah
Recommended by UTJ

Jewish Singles Are People, Too

Categories: Modern Judaism, Relationships

Is Oral Sex Permitted?

by Rabbi Wayne Allen

Categories: Halakhah, Relationships, Tomeikh KaHalakhah
ARTICLE (Reprinted from The Jewish Week)

“Orthodox” Is Not A Trademark Of The OU

by Rabbi Noah Gradofsky

Categories: Articles, Denominations, Halakhah, Halakhah, Life Cycle, Modern Judaism, Torah/Talmud, Women's Forum