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Union for Traditional Judaism
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Bringing Jewish Tradition Home

The Union for Traditional Judaism (UTJ) is a group of rabbis, scholars, and laypeople who advocate for a passionate, open-minded approach to Torah study and observance of Jewish law (Halakhah) rooted in classical religious sources and informed by modern scholarship.

Our philosophy is distinguished by the symbiotic relationship between faith in the God-given Torah and intellectual integrity and our emphasis on the sacred framework of Halakhah as our unifying guide. We measure the dominant societal values against the yardstick of traditional Judaism, eschewing denominational labels.

Through our website, social media, publications, conferences, Panel of Halakhic Inquiry, op-ed pieces, and educational materials, the UTJ encourages all Jews to respect the actual parameters of Jewish law, avoiding the temptation to rewrite them in the spirit of secularism on the one hand or to evade legitimate contemporary questions on the other.

Latest on Viewpoints

From the Viewpoint Archive

ARTICLE (Reprinted from UTJ Viewpoints Divrei Torah Section)

Ahare Mot-Kedoshim: The Natalie Portman Controversy

by Rabbi Steven Saks


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by Rabbi David Novak


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by Recommended by UTJ

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