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Rabbi Alan Yuter

Educated and first ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Rabbi Alan Yuter earned additional ordinations from Yeshiva University, supervised by Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler, and the Israeli Chief Rabbi Mordecai Eliahu. He further received Yadin Yadin from Rav David Weiss Halivni and earned a PhD in modern Hebrew Literature from New York University.

A founding member of the UTJ, Rabbi Yuter served as a faculty member at the UTJ’s rabbinical school and has held multiple pulpits, including extended stints in Springfield, NJ, and Baltimore, MD.

Rabbi Yuter is a prolific writer on ritual and philosophical issues, underpinnings of halakha, Biblical criticism, and much more. His essays can be found on UTJ’s Viewpoints . He is also a frequent contributor for The Institute of Jewish Ideas and Ideals.

In addition to his activities with the UTJ, Rabbi Yuter is associated with the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding, affiliated with Ohr Torah Stone in Efrat.

Rabbi Yuter and his wife Linda reside in Israel.